In the life of a child, even little problems can feel like a big setback. Bullying, frequent moves, academic problems, family disruption… kids can have a lot to cope with. As parents, it can be a struggle to find the right tools to help our children succeed. Child and family therapy may help.

In therapy you and your child will work with Dr. Crouch, a licensed clinical psychologist, who provides families with an oasis of calm and fun. Therapy is a unique experience, where you can count on being heard and understood, while also getting a break from the constant judgement and criticism that modern parents can face.

Therapy begins by identifying the problems you would like to work on and setting goals for change. For example, goals could be reducing tantrums from several times a day to once a week, reducing aggression with siblings, sleeping through the night, making new friends, improving academic performance, or improving the parent-child bond. Once  your goals are set, Dr. Crouch will create a treatment plan tailored to your needs. During each visit, you will engage in fun activities designed to build skills and help reach your treatment goals.

Children often love coming to therapy for the activities and the sense of accomplishment they feel. Parents often feel much more effective, leaving with a new set of skills to support their child’s development. Dr. Crouch’s intention is for everyone to feel understood and empowered by the experience. Many families report that while working on their goals they also experience increased warmth and closeness in the family.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often is therapy and what is it like?

Sessions are usually once per week for 50 minutes. Each session is unique, but it usually starts with a five to ten minute check-in. This is followed by 30 to 40 minutes of therapeutic activities for the child, and sometimes the parent participates in the activities. The last few minutes of the session are often spent debriefing and playing a game of the child’s choice as a reward for participation. A typical session will blend together play and learning through fun skill-building exercises that address the child and family’s needs.

How does therapy work?

Therapy works through a powerful combination of listening, planning, action, and learning. Listening and planning are very focused in the beginning of treatment, when your family’s needs are explored and a plan is created to address them. Thereafter the plan is put into action and frequently assessed, reviewed, and revised as progress is made or new challenges arise. Treatment capitalizes on children’s amazing ability to learn new skills and parents’ often innate sense of how to model and teach new skills. Throughout, Dr. Crouch helps to guide the process. In this way families can make important changes, learn about themselves and each other, and enjoy themselves along the way.

How much does it cost?

All families are different in what they can afford, so Dr. Ron has flexible rates. The first session is discounted (20 euros) and is an opportunity to meet and see if what Dr. Ron offers is a good fit for you. At that time rates can be discussed.

What about our privacy?

Dr. Crouch does not talk to anyone about your child without your written permission. Tallinn can feel like a great big small town, where everybody knows everybody, so confidentiality is a very high priority. However, if you would like Dr. Crouch to collaborate with your child’s teacher, pediatrician or coach, he will happily do so.

How do I contact Dr. Crouch?

Begin by sending an email. Use the contact form on this website to send a message and Dr. Crouch will reply within 24 hours.