crash coursesHave you ever wished you could take a class on the things parents have to deal with?

Imagine taking a class on how to give a time out at the grocery store, how to boost your child’s self-esteem without resorting to empty-sounding praise, or how give a direction so that your child will listen the first time. Imagine learning the basic information that child psychologists know about behavior change, based on decades of research. That is a crash course.

Crash courses are one-on-one sessions with Dr. Ron, either in person or online via Skype, on a specific topic at a set rate.

To book a crash course, select a topic from the curriculum below and contact Dr. Ron to schedule the session. All courses are 40 euros, or 45 dollars.

  • Behavior Management

    Behavior change 101: The hidden rules that govern how kids (and parents) change

    Tempering tantrums at home and in public: Why does my kid always tantrum at the mall?

    How to use reward systems effectively: Mastering the dance of give and take

    The art of giving directions: Fine tuning so kids will listen the first time

    How to use time out (so that it finally works)

    Principles of effective discipline

  • Clinical Psychology Issues for Children


    Oppositional Defiant Disorder

    Childhood Depression

    Anxiety and phobias


  • Building the Bond

    Play therapy skills for parents for kids 12 and under (this may be the most important class you can take)

    Teaching children self-compassion

    Building kid’s self-esteem realistically

  • Common Childhood Problems

    Understanding and managing the “No No Nos” for toddlers

    School Refusal


    When kids blow their top: Helping your angry child chill out

  • Social Development

    Helping your shy child in an extroverted world

    Social Skills for pre-teens


  • Self Care for Parents

    Stress and parenting: Taking care of yourself when no one else will

    Mindfulness and meditation for parents

    Self-Compassion for parents